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I lost a friend recently to a worst-nightmare automobile accident. She was thirty-six, too young to die. It only took a moment, decisions were made by others, a brief risk taken at her expense, and boom, lights out–her fate was … Continue reading

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Imaginary Choices, Imaginary Lovers

Imaginary choices, Imaginary Lovers’, Hmm, so here I am again, relying on my trusted companion–my writing to get me out of a good mind fucking. You know, I do this thing—(I) write problematic monologues and then try to fight my … Continue reading

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Pause The Tragic Ending

I’ve wanted nothing more than to pause this tragic ending, but that isn’t an option. Don’t get me wrong, my brain has been scheming plenty, but I haven’t acted on any of it, in fact I’ve done nothing but cry, … Continue reading

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Death Of A Mask

The innards and guts spilled over like a cluster of tubeworms. They were shiny from fresh-death yet alive with the color of lobster bisque. The raccoon was on its side, face smashed, teeth revealed. I turned my wheel slightly to … Continue reading

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Great Expectations are not of One Thought

In the ninth grade I wore an ultra mini-skirt to school, too short to for the dress code. My finger- tips didn’t touch the hemline when my arms hung down by my sides. I knew it was too skimpy when … Continue reading

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“The Kill:” Chapter 2, The Maker

The Kill: Chapter 2, The Maker, A fictional piece. I hear something, it’s not familiar, and I can’t open my eyes. I’m still spinning despite the dangle of my right leg-my remedy for staying focused. Now I’m dreaming again, everything … Continue reading

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Eight days without the roach

It’s been eight days since my mom’s verbal attack, and I haven’t heard from her since. (That is until today but I deleted her without listening.) I’ve been thinking about the number eight since it struck me as significant. (Behind … Continue reading

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