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The Ways Of Love

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time accepting love. I don’t trust it. People give and receive love in all sorts of ways, and people take their love away, be it an hour at a time … Continue reading

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Come To Me

I want the words to come. I don’t know how to make them take shape to form what I’m trying to say. I want them to be good, impressive even. I need you to think I’m interesting, that I have … Continue reading

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A Cry For Help

I’m the loneliest girl in the world in the most dramatic sense. I’m looking over the ledge of a hotel room balcony, twenty-three floors up, night has taken the sky, the wind blows my hair across my face, I can … Continue reading

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Heart On Fire

Wednesday, September 25, 2013: Eight weeks later, Wednesday, November 13, 2013, the sun was low and towards the West, the air was frigid, a bite of winter. I was sitting in a parked car with my son while my daughter … Continue reading

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Bullshit And Blind Spots

This past week I had to be at the kid’s school three times in one day for three different events. This annoyed me a great deal, selfish thoughts surfaced to justify my feelings. I didn’t want to give up my … Continue reading

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Diary Of A Sketchy Mom

As a parent, I often watch my children and reflect back to the chaotic time when I was their ages. Before the age of ten I had experimented with all sorts of things considered for, “adults only.” I knew the … Continue reading

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Part 2, All Goes Away, Except Change

All Goes Away Part 2 Except Change My mother and I moved to our forth or fifth apartments on the nearby road when I was four or five. The apartments are still there though they and many things around them … Continue reading

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